Over 100 years ago, Henry Ford listed the Jews control over the entire world. Today, 102 years later the same is true. Anyone denouncing Jewish World Domination, is labeled as an antisemite, extremist, radical, or worse. The Jews will shut down every negative comment, protest, idea, job, business, congress, president or country that says anything negative about them, citing hate speech, antisemitism, an attack, playing the wholesome victim card. 

In fact, it is clear to this day that the Jews continue to control the media, law enforcement, the senate, congress, pushing for immigrants to flood all countries except theirs. Countries that disagree with the influx of immigrants are called antisemitic, racist, against diversity, against equality. All of the immigrants should be sent to the home land of the Jews or back to their native country.  

The Jewish people are full of deceit, misrepresentation and the lack of integrity. Having an ulterior motive of world domination with a communist agenda. 

We Speak the TRUTH with Facts. White people unite together and rise up like Malcom X in the Million Man March. Peacefully protesting the takeover, the loss of our rights in this country. Every race can be proud to announce their support of each other, such as Asian Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter etc. When someone represents the white race and is proud to be white, they become a target, person of interest, white supremist, extremist or called a Neo-Nazi.  A Nazi it makes not because they want to represent their white race and culture.  

No one should be ashamed or feel guilty about the color of their skin or the ethnicity they were born with. Everyone deserves to be proud of their culture and should stay within your own. Why has humanity allowed the Jews to deem anything against them wrong, racist, hate, etc. This is morally wrong! WAKE UP PEOPLE TO WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! 

Henry Ford pointed out the deception of the Jews over 102 years ago.  It is not a crime to be white, nor is it racism or hate speech to want the white race to continue and not become extinct. People belong with their own people. Some cultures are against anyone marrying outside of their race. Does that make them racist? If they were White, it would.  Races belong with their race, not intermingling with others. Keep your bloodline pure. Be proud of who you are, where you come from. The world does NOT need the Jews to Dictate world order.