The public is realizing how deeply the Jews are imbedded in everything. How much control and influence they impact on our education, law enforcement, financial institutions, media outlets, politics, legislation, and immigration to name a few. The amount of control is alarming.

Fun Fact: The Jews have taken over the world. When we look into history and who the major players in charge are in every aspect of life. However, when people speak out about it, the Jews scream Anti-Semitism. Why do they get upset and cry VICTIM? It is “ANTI WHITE” behavior. 

This “Group” is not a hate group. They are peaceful, non-violent activists. No one was harmed or threatened in any way, no one was using force or threatening people. It’s Freedom of Speech. You have the choice to not pay any attention.

Fun Fact: If any “WHITE” group puts a banner anywhere in public view or hands out flyers, they are automatically deemed as “An Antisemitic Hate Group” by the ADL. The ADL teaches JEW SUPREMACY and promotes ANTI WHITE CULTURE. The ADL is a multi million dollar entity, infiltrating the legal system giving classes, booklets to any group and legal enforcement how to “spot” the Jew Haters. If you look through the ADL website they have a glossary of symbols that are considered HATE symbols. ANYTHING can be viewed as a hate symbol if they deem it so. The ADL is controlling the LAW, the MEDIA, the GOVERNMENT, the BANKS. Bow down to the JEWS.

The goal of the ADL:

Make it illegal to be white, to keep the white man oppressed, to end white culture, white pride and white families. If you are white, you should not feel guilty about being so. You have the right as anyone else to be proud of who you are, your culture and race. White Power is not NeoNazi or a KluKluxKlan supporter. The same right as someone expressing Black Power, Viva La Raza, Asian Culture, etc. Everyone has the right to acknowledge and be proud of the race they are.

Fun Fact: The Jews are taking away All Rights for White people to be proud, stand up and have a voice or opinion. THEY PREACH ANTI WHITE.

Jews want diversity, race mixing immigrants to flood into all countries except theirs. If a country doesn’t allow immigrants entry, they are met with threats of violence, retaliation and social media condemnation. Why not let them into your country Mr. Jew? For example, encouraging a Mexicano and an Anglo to produce offspring. Usually resulting in divorce. Single parents. Statistics show that when the two people of the same race marry and have children, they tend to stay married. The quality and dynamic of the relationship is positive.

Fun Fact: Jews encourage race mixing to dilute the pureness of your bloodline. Increasing lower IQ’s of your race.

The ADL was formed in the 1920’s after Henry Ford exposed the Jews for infiltrating all of society, businesses, financially, politically, embedding themselves to manipulate the population. The ADL today is a huge conglomerate of wealth and power. When the ADL disapproves of you, they immediately post on their webpage as “Hate speech” “Hate phrase” “Hate Symbol”. Inciting defamation of whomever has said anything they disapprove of.

Fun Fact: The ADL has a directory of Hate Symbols, Slogans, to empower law enforcement to go after anyone the ADL deems against them.

A number of peaceful white people raised their arms in a Roman salute as they stood behind the banner and another sign that read: “Honk if you know.” A third banner promoted a video platform that streams facts and video content operated by the Goyim Defense League, https://goyimdefenseleague.com/ a network of conspiracy theorists. Whom again are peaceful. It is not illegal to have a different viewpoint than the ADL. We live in the United States of America. Not the United States of The Jewish Republic.

The ADL = Anti-Defamation League in Southern California said the group responsible for the banner was “known for espousing vitriolic antisemitism and white supremacist ideology.” However, according to Biden, anyone that is against the democratic view is a white supremacist, an extremist, against him and will be targeted. Whereas the White people are experiencing ANTI WHITE HATE every single day by these so called Righteous antisemitic groups.

Fun Fact: ADL = Communism and Dictatorship

Just food for thought: “Free Speech is not Hate Speech. Cancel your cancel culture attitude. Let the White people be heard. Stop trying to oppress, intimidate and eradicate them. STOP ANTI WHITE HATE. The public is becoming more aware of this shift in White culture defamation. Everyone has a right to peacefully express their message and opinions.

Reese Witherspoon tweeted Sunday night: “Antisemitism in any form is deplorable. In person. Online. Doesn’t matter where. It’s hate and it’s unacceptable.” This is true if it was Antisemitism but it is not. White people are harassed, guilted, arrested, detained and the basic rights taken away. If you are proud to be white, then you are labeled and called a White Supremist, A Neo-Nazi, Racially motivated violent extremist. THIS is the defamation we need to look at. This condemning behavior is not ok.

“Antisemitism” is the new buzz word, just like BLM. BUZZ WORD.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “L.A. is a city of belonging, not hate.”

Fun Fact: LA is a city of Tents, tarps and feces on the sidewalks Skid Row is on google maps.

“Jewish Angelenos should always feel safe,” Garcetti tweeted. “There is no place for discrimination or prejudice in Los Angeles. And we will never back down from the fight to expose and eliminate it.” Join us on the sidewalk, bring your tent, tarp or sleeping bag, there is room for everyone here. Homeless and happy. However, the Jews are in Beverly Hills and Encino, they don’t tolerate the homeless their. They do allow fur protesting people with tv’s and bullhorns to be outside of a storefront on the sidewalk that sells Fur, playing videos of screaming chinchilla, being skinned alive and beat with bats at eardrum busting levels, while small children are passing by. Forever imprinting in their minds. Disturbing.

The ADL has warned that “extremists across the ideological spectrum,” including members of the Goyim Defense League, have been embracing Ye’s antisemitic statements and celebrating news of his plans to acquire Parler.

Fun Fact: The GDL Goyim Defense League is promoting positive awareness of the white culture exposing lies with facts that indeed change the thoughts on history and what we were taught in school.

The Goyim Defense League is in their right to express their own opinions and if that makes people wake up and question history, question lawmakers, question what is going on today. That is their constitutional right. Equality is for everyone.

The ADL said the Goyim Defense League GDL was trying to “capitalize on Ye’s comments by targeting the Black community with their propaganda and seeking to convince Black people that Jews are a universal enemy.” Jews are not a universal enemy. Jews should go back to their native country. They would be happier. Take all the immigrants with you, set the example, it is great for diversity in your country. Do what the Jewish people do. TAKE A MINUTE TO STOP LISTENING. STOP AND WATCH WHAT THEY DO. DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO. Does this make you question anything?

The ADL said members of the group’s Telegram chat were seen discussing new initiatives related to Ye’s comments, including creating fliers exposing Jewish people for the Atlantic slave trade, while some members claimed to have specifically targeted Black neighborhoods as they distributed propaganda recently. The group is being transparent with distributing flyers, expressing awareness. The GDL is not trying to hide anything. That is integrity. It is Legal to distribute flyers, it is within legal regulations. Distributing flyers is not illegal unless there is a city ordinance that states you may not distribute flyers. ** Check your city law before distributing flyers. Information is not Illegal. The ADL wants you to be ignorant and believe the SMOKE AND MIRRORS lies they are fabricating.

The Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments said they were investigating antisemitic fliers that were distributed in Beverly Hills, including harassing innocent people. CALIFORNIA IS NOT A STOP AND ID STATE. However, Beverly Hills Police Lie to innocent people threatening them with arrest if they don’t give them ID. THIS IS ILLEGAL FOR AN OFFICER TO OBTAIN YOUR ID WITH THREAT OF ARREST IF YOU REFUSE. IF YOU ARE NOT, HAVE NOT COMMITTED A CRIME THEY CAN NOT THREATEN YOU THESE ARE ILLEGAL practices. You do not have to give your ID. Unless you are a driver of a vehicle. You do not have to comply.

Fun Fact: The Beverly Hills Police officers make the most money of all police departments. When 96% of the citizens are Jews, Everything is a big deal.

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