The FBI Works Directly With ADL Every Day

The ADL & the FBI are hand in hand in grooming all law enforcement entities – A Bias Jewish Supremacy Organization.

Today we witness the ADL having dominating power over the USA and the world. We need to stop them immediately.

A free trip to Israel for conditioned training and a vacation to visit the “Crying Wall” to show your submission to the Jewish Faith.

The ADL has managed to integrate their superior beliefs making mandatory training for All FBI Agents and All Police Department personnel including Police Academy Recruits.

ADL works with EVERY single department to brainwash officers into racial divide. Training officers to harass, intimidate and unlawfully enforce bogus statutes on those individuals who choose to use their First Amendment of the constitution and exercise free speech. Throwing literature onto lawns of citizens is NOT unlawful. The police department has started to use the term LITTERING to harass and arrest individuals for spreading the message of the takeover of the JEW NATION.  The USA has become dominated by the JEWISH IDEOLOGY.

Crime is rising against white people. When a white person tries to call out to a passing police vehicle wanting to report a crime, the officer will ignore and continue to drive by without stopping. In the opinion of the Jews, White man are the enemy. The white man must be irradicated.  However, the Jews believe they are the chosen white people.