#StandUpToZionism New York Times 1905-1938 Proof Of Jewish 6 Million Fake Agenda

When the public becomes aware and starts exposing the Jewish Agenda, The ADL moved light lightning to enact a campaign #standuptojewishhate. Immediately after the GDL brought national attention to the Top Executives of every major corporation as being Jewish, the public is starting to look at the facts. This is not hate speech, these are facts exposing how many companies are controlled by jews. Spread the message #StandUpToZionism let’s end this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

ACTUAL NEWSPAPER ARTICLES from the NEW YORK TIMES DATED 1905 to 1938. Notice the 6 Million Jews in every single article.

Always screaming they are the Victim. The Jewish people have continuously worked feverously to convince the population world over that they are suffering from hatred against them. For over a century (100 years) Jews have claimed to be victims of hate. Take a look at the original New York Times Newspapers that document the events of actual Jewish Propaganda.  The Major population is becoming aware of the amount of control in all areas of government, media, corporations, finance and many more. The Jewish people have infiltrated and risen into positions in every corner, every market worldwide. They have strategically and silently worked to gain power and control. 6 Million Jews? This Seems To Be A Pattern. This number has been used consecutively many many years before the HOLOCAUST.

When the population starts to stand up and see the true agenda of the Jewish people – to exterminate every white person worldwide, to have a brown world population of Neanderthals’ with low IQ. Then and only then can they truly rule the planet. The Jews have accomplished their ideology of a database of words and symbols they deem as HATE. Even the simplest word “based” is now a hate word. A smiley face is a hate symbol. Expose the hypocrisy of the Jews. The Holocaust coverup – Why is it illegal to dig on the site where the bodies were? Why is it covered with concrete? Right in front of us. If they cover it up it doesn’t exist right?

Exposing the Jewish Agenda for over 100 years. Share, Post, Use Your Voice To #StandUpToZionism