JEWISH MEN Can Have INTERCOURSE With Girls 3 years Old and Less, Or At Least 9 Year Old Boys – Talmud Sanhedrin 55B & Ketubot 11B

Actual Verses and Translation From Hebrew To English

The Talmud


Rav Yosef says: Come and hear a resolution from a mishna (Nidda 44b) : A girl who is three years and one day old whose father arranged her betrothal is betrothed with intercourse, as the legal status of intercourse with her is that of full-fledged intercourse. And in a case where the childless husband of a girl who is three years and one day old dies, if his brother, the yavam, engages in intercourse with her, he acquires her as his wife; and if she is married, a man other than her husband is liable for engaging in intercourse with her due to the prohibition of intercourse with a married woman.
Nidda (a) The state women enter with the onset of menstrual bleeding; a woman in this state. Physical contact between husband and wife is suspended during this period, until the woman immerses in a mikvah. (b) A tractate of the Talmud that discusses the laws of niddah.
אמר רב יוסף תא שמע בת שלש שנים ויום אחד מתקדשת בביאה ואם בא עליה יבם קנאה וחייבין עליה משום אשת איש
The mishna continues: And if she is impure due to menstruation, she transmits impurity to one who engages in intercourse with her, who then renders all the items designated for lying beneath him impure like the items designated for lying above him. If she marries a priest, she may partake of teruma like any other wife of a priest. If she is unmarried and one of the men who are unfit for the priesthood, e.g., a mamzer or ḥalal, engages in intercourse with her, he has disqualified her from marrying into the priesthood, and if she is the daughter of a priest, she is disqualified from partaking of teruma.
Mamzer:  A child born from an incestuous or adulterous relationship–specifically, a relationship between a man and a woman who halachically cannot be bonded in marriage
ומטמאה את בועלה לטמא משכב תחתון כעליון ניסת לכהן אוכלת בתרומה בא עליה אחד מן הפסולים פסלה מן הכהונה
The mishna continues: And if one of any of those with whom relations are forbidden, who are stated in the Torah, engaged in intercourse with her, e.g., her father or father-in-law, they are executed by the court for engaging in intercourse with her, and she is exempt because she is a minor.
ואם בא עליה אחד מכל העריות האמורות בתורה מומתין על ידה והיא פטורה
Rava says: Come and hear a proof from the subsequent mishna (Nidda 45a): With regard to a boy who is nine years and one day old, whose brother died childless, and who engaged in intercourse with his yevama, his brother’s widow, the status of the intercourse is that of full-fledged intercourse and he has acquired her as his wife, but if he chooses to end the marriage, he cannot give her a bill of divorce until he reaches majority. And he becomes ritually impure like a menstruating woman after engaging in intercourse with her, and then renders all the items designated for lying beneath him impure like the items designated for lying above him.
אמר רבא ת”ש בן תשע שנים ויום אחד הבא על יבמתו קנאה ואינו נותן גט עד שיגדיל ומטמא כנדה לטמא משכב תחתון כעליון


Rav Oshaya raised an objection to the opinion of Rav from the mishna: With regard to an adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old, or a minor boy less than nine years old who engaged in intercourse with an adult woman, or a woman who had her hymen ruptured by wood or any other foreign object, the marriage contract for each of these women is two hundred dinars. This is the statement of Rabbi Meir. And the Rabbis say: The marriage contract of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood is one hundred dinars. Contrary to Rav’s opinion, the Rabbis distinguish between the halakha in the case of the intercourse of a minor boy and the halakha in the case of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood.

מֵתִיב רַב אוֹשַׁעְיָא גָּדוֹל שֶׁבָּא עַל הַקְּטַנָּה וְקָטָן הַבָּא עַל הַגְּדוֹלָה וּמוּכַּת עֵץ כְּתוּבָּתָן מָאתַיִם דִּבְרֵי רַבִּי מֵאִיר וַחֲכָמִים אוֹמְרִים מוּכַּת עֵץ כְּתוּבָּתָהּ מָנֶה

Rava said that this is what the mishna is saying: An adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old has done nothing, as intercourse with a girl less than three years old is tantamount to poking a finger into the eye. In the case of an eye, after a tear falls from it another tear forms to replace it. Similarly, the ruptured hymen of the girl younger than three is restored. And a young boy who engaged in intercourse with an adult woman renders her as one whose hymen was ruptured by wood. And with regard to the case of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood itself, there is a dispute between Rabbi Meir and the Rabbis. Rabbi Meir maintains that her marriage contract is two hundred dinars, and the Rabbis maintain that it is one hundred dinars.

אָמַר רָבָא הָכִי קָאָמַר גָּדוֹל הַבָּא עַל הַקְּטַנָּה וְלֹא כְּלוּם דְּפָחוֹת מִכָּאן כְּנוֹתֵן אֶצְבַּע בָּעַיִן דָּמֵי וְקָטָן הַבָּא עַל הַגְּדוֹלָה עֲשָׂאָהּ מוּכַּת עֵץ וּמוּכַּת עֵץ גּוּפָא פְּלוּגְתָּא דְּרַבִּי מֵאִיר וְרַבָּנַן
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