ADL Truth is proving the leading Anti-Hate, Anti-White conglomerate ADL’s agenda is to spread Discrimination, Violence, Racism, Guilt and Extermination of White People and those individuals and countries whom are against Jewish Supremacy ie: Jewish World Domination.


Our Mission is “To stop the defamation and extinction of the White race and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.”


ADL Truth will FIGHT, STAND UP and EXPOSE all forms of Anti-White Bias, Anti-White Extremism, White Cancel Culture and White Guilt using innovation and partnerships with other supporters to drive impact.

ADL Truth will EXPOSE how the ADL uses cunningness to Brainwash and Infiltrate Law Enforcement, Our Schools, The FBI, Media, Finance, Congress and the World.

Jewish Superiority is real and ADL TRUTH is here to Educate, Expose the Lies, Deceit and Jewish plan for White Extinction.

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